Updated - June 29th, 2014
Andrew Fladeboe
Humble Arts Foundation
Five of Andrew's photographs have been selected as part of the Humble Arts Foundation new digital exhibition group show 40 #Latergram. The exhibition is available to view on their website.

In New Zealand
Andrew Fladeboe from Providence, Rhode Island is one of 11 American students who are studying or researching in New Zealand this year as recipients of Fulbright US graduate awards. He is photographing working dogs and their relationships with humans for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Honours from the University of Canterbury. Since his arrival in February, Andrew’s project has taken him on sheep and cattle musters, dog trials, search and rescue training exercises and pig hunting expeditions around the South Island. Fulbright US Graduate Awards are for promising American graduate students to undertake postgraduate study or research at New Zealand institutions in any field.

In Norway
Andrew Fladeboe's photographs come out of the tradition of British animal portraiture - the great 18th century equestrian paintings of George Stubbs and the 19th century dog canvases of Edwin Landseer. This past summer he traveled extensively throughout Norway to make portraits of dogs set against the majestic mountains and fjords. For this project, he put an emphasis on dogs native to Norway. Of the 7 native Norwegian dogs, he was particularly interested in the Elkhound (used to hunt moose), the Lundehund (once used by Vikings to catch puffins on the cliffs of the fjords), and the Buhund (the indigenous herding dog). He also made portraits of English Setters, Collies, and the King of Norway's dog, a rare Taigan. The results are stunning.

Yahoo! Canada
Andrew Fladeboe was featured on Yahoo! News Canada. 'Stunning Portraits of Dogs' can be seen here.

For more information or to purchase prints please contact the gallery.
Jordan Sullivan
Print Launch with Artflash & Peter Doig
Artflash is launching an exclusive print by Jordan Sullivan on June 27th. The Print will be available online for one month. The print is being launched in conjunction with a print by Peter Doig.

Reading From The Young Earth & Artflash Print Launch
Wednesday, July 2nd, 8:30-10:30PM at Freund von Freunden Apartment, Mulackstr. 26, Berlin, Germany.

The Young Earth at Urban Outfitters
Jordan Sullivan's acclaimed book 'The Young Earth' is being carried at Urban Outfitters across the country. The book can also be purchased on Amazon.
Tyler Udall
DuJour Magazine - Daniel Radcliffe
Tyler Udall photographed actor Daniel Radcliffe for the cover story of
this months DuJour Magazine.

Publication - My Gay Gaze #11
A portfoilio of Udall's work will be published in Rinaldo Hopf's upcoming new book My Gay Gaze #11.

Tyler's work is available to view on our site.
Ron Diorio
Ron Diorio's film 'Nervouse Thinking' was screened at The Forbidden Film Fetival in Austin, Texas. Forbidden Film Fest (FFF) is an independent, local event launched to create space to showcase and celebrate sex-positive films and artists.

'Nervous Thinking' will have a second public screening. This film Premiered at The Kinsey Institute 2013. The video is an observation on people who are of the withdrawn kind that are proposed the notion of an opposite nature; adventure as an escape from the humdrum.
Hiroshi Sugimoto
In Conversation: Hiroshi Sugimoto with Timothy Potts
The J. Paul Getty Museum's Director, Timothy Potts, speaks with Hiroshi Sugimoto about how he preserves and transforms William Henry Fox Talbot's 175-year-old "photogenic drawings."

Motion Picture: The Blank Screens of Hiroshi Sugimoto
An archived article on Sugimoto's work by Peter Hay Halpert can be viewed here.

Articles from the Archive
Larry Clark
Peter Halpert has been writing about photography for nearly 25 years. His body of work includes over 600 articles as well as numerous books, columns and essays covering all aspects of the world of photography. We will begin presenting a number of these works on our site to give those interested a chance to view photography from a different perspective.

You can read the full article on Larry Clark here.

Ryan McGinley
Ryan McGinley: Midnight Moment
Ryan McGinley has a current exhibition at Gallerie Perrotine, Hong Kong. 'Vertical Color of Sound' runs from May 13 - June 21, 2014.
Christopher Bucklow
With a Trace: Photographs of Absence
Christopher Bucklow's Guests series will be included in The Akron Art Museum's new exhibition With a Trace: Photographs of Absence. The exhibition opens on July 27th and runs through January, 2014.

Mutual Art.com names
With A Trace: Photographs Of Absence, featuring work by Christopher Bucklow, as one of the 10 new exhibitions opening up this summer worth watching.

We maintain an inventory of Christopher Bucklow’s
Guests portraits, including key early works. For further information, contact phh@phhfineart.com.

The New Yorker
Christopher Bucklow's piece Tetrarch 2:43pm, June 19, was featured in the New Yorker's Goings on About Town section this week. View the piece on their website.
Patricia Richards
New Work
Patricia Richards will be coming out soon with a new body of work featured in Hero magazine. You can read the article here.
Other Works For Sale
Contemporary Photography
In addition, we have a select inventory of contemporary photographs by artists such as Richard Avedon, Bill Henson, David Hilliard, Annie Liebovitz, Vik Muniz, Alec Soth, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and others. Address inquiries to phh@phhfineart.com.