Raw: New York, New Work, 2001

An exhibition of young contemporary American photographers.

Showing at the Gallery at Mamma Roma in London.

Organised and curated by PETER HAY HALPERT.

1 March - 18 March 2001

Private View: 28 February 2001 


This exhibition of young contemporary photographers will include 75 works by 15 young artists - John Arsenault, Kenneth Cappello, DonCervantes, Michelle Cortez, Roberto DeLuna, Tara DiGiovanni, Clint Downing, Hanna Liden, Eden C. Marland, Ryan McGinley, Johnny Pack, Kristopher Pito, Tammy Schoenfeld, Leticia Velasquez and Chloe Zachmanoglou. 


Following in the traditions established by the preceding generation of photographers, like Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Jack Pierson, David Armstrong, Mark Morrisroe, and Wolfgang Tillmans, these young artists depict themselves, their families and their friends with an unsentimental inquisitiveness. Creating a visual diary of their times, they chronicle life in New York today. At the same time they represent part of a continuum that finds its origins in Robert Frank's observations of America. 

These young artists are drawn primarily from the art schools and universities based in New York City; most of them attended either The School of Visual Arts, or The Parsons School of Design/The New School University. This new generation of photographers brings a level of self-awareness and stylization to their work that isn't present in the pictures by their forebears. Raised to expect that their lives and their scene are worthy of examination, these artists are the post-modern torchbearers of the documentary photographic practice.

This exhibition is organized and curated by Peter Hay Halpert in cooperation with Tony De Marco and Mamma Roma Ltd. Halpert is a private art dealer and Principal of Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art in New York. In addition, he is a respected and widely-published independent writer and curator, specializing in contemporary art and photography. He is Contributing Editor of AMERICAN PHOTO and serves on the Photography Committee of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Tony De Roma is the CEO of Mamma Roma Ltd, a specialty foods concern based in London. 


The exhibition will move to Glasgow in April and plans are underway to tour this exhibition elsewhere in Europe. A book, cataloguing the photographs of these artists, is also in the works. 


Exhibition websites: www.phhfineart.com & www.mamma-roma.com/raw/home.htm