Ron Diorio. Comin' Around Again

Ron Diorio. Comin' Around Again

Hardbound Book in a limited edition of 100. Included with the book is a tipped-in 8x10 inch print of the title image (shown). The print is only available with the book and is signed, titled, dated and numbered.

Price: $500


Peter Hay Halpert Fine art is pleased to announce the publication of
Comin' Around Again, a new, limited edition book of photographs by Ron Diorio.

Printed in an edition of just 100 large-scale, hardbound copies, the book is accompanied by an 8 x 10 inch archival print of the title image. This image is available exclusively with the book, and is not being issued in any other size or format, and cannot be purchased separately. Each book and print will be signed and numbered by the artist. The book and print together are $500 and can be ordered by contacting the gallery at:

Comin' Around Again includes every photograph exhibited in three noteworthy shows that took place from 2005 – 2009. Diorio’s Anytown exhibit in London in 2005, was followed by Around Here (2008) and Hometown (2009), both of which were exhibited at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, New York. The entire series is comprised of 54 images. These exhibitions were both critical and commercial successes and launched Diorio’s career.

Diorio is a New York-based media artist, specialising in photography and film-making. Diorio’s photographs have often been compared to Edward Hopper’s paintings. The film & visual culture critic, Norman Taylor, asserts that “these sparsely populated cityscapes, with their angular deployment of architectural detail…conjure urban nooks that reference directly the loneliness and faintly sinister atmosphere we have come to associate with Hopper. Furthermore, a heavily voyeuristic quality mobilises a dialectic of compassion and alienation.” Taylor goes on to assert that “Diorio’s imagery is also evocative of quietly tragic moments, in which hunched figures are reduced to objects by the metropolis that oppresses them. [His] people suspended in a temporal hiatus, who appear to be either waiting for something to happen or contemplating something that has already befallen them. And we wonder whether it is more likely that they are doing both, since the syntax of personal narrative saturates their forms, as if they were characters in an ironic film noir.”


Title: Comin’ Around Again • Publisher: Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, 2010 • Hardbound • 12 x 12 inches • 111 pages, illustrated • Book & Print each limited to an edition of 100 signed & numbered copies • Accompanied by an archival 8 x 10 inch photograph • ISBN:978-0-615-35269-5 • $500 + packing & shipping


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